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Book The Eisenhower Enigma


The visitors from the stars were not polite when they asked to meet newly elected president Dwight D. Eisenhower. They simply sent him time and place and said Be there.

The president had never ducked a fight, but he was not in favor of involving the nation that he loved. That changed when a strange warship flashed out of the skies and hovered over Edwards Air Force Base to show its speed and power.

When Eisenhower flew into Edwards AFB, he thought it was to meet an alien emissary, not warriors who were impervious to US gunfire. Air Force General Nathan Twining promptly brought in his best fighter pilots, several who saw action in the recent Korean War.

And now a new and beautiful young psychic had appeared on the US team. Her code name became Oracle Alpha and when she learned to send destruction with her mind, nothing could stand in her way.

Book Las Vegas


Who knew eBooks would become one of the hottest sellers ever? When John saw sales hit $2 billion in 2011, he wrote his own book, Las Vegas, The Untold Stories. And as the marketing director at Del Webb's Sahara on the Strip for 20 years, John had plenty of material.

His ebook has 234 pages, 39 chapters, more than 30 pictures, and at the end of the book, two chapters from his upcoming novel, The Eisenhower Enigma. He shows you The Beatles' only Las Vegas appearance in 1964, and the teenage girls who "hurled themselves like javelins at the stage" to join them. Then you sneak behind the scenes to watch top gamblers in a free-for-all fist fight over stuffed bears.

You'll read about the day America (and Las Vegas) came to a complete stop, learn how an atomic bomb blast 60 miles away almost wrecked John's car, and the reason for the sad demise of the famous Las Vegas Strip chorus lines. You'll chuckle to see how the Sahara reacted when more than 700 lawyers showed up to find the hotel sold out.

You'll meet Johnny Carson, Don Rickles, and Buddy Hackett. Plus Clint Eastwood filming "The Gauntlet," Judy Garland as John's "date" for the evening, Mae West held aloft by body builders, Louis Prima singing in that growl of a voice and every other star you can imagine.

And now, valuable advice from John: "Sit back, relax, and enjoy that drink in front of you. The show is about to begin."

Book Secrets of Casino Marketing SECRETS OF CASINO MARKETING

Sure of himself now, after chasing away Mass Marketing in favor of Direct Marketing in the casino business, John turned to a different type of hardcover that was larger than his first book, and spoke in 31 chapters instead of individual columns. John wrote Secrets of Casino Marketing in 1998, and the book became an instant best seller in casinos because of John's subtitle, "Gaming's New Bible of Direct Selling," as well as a line that resonated with Direct Marketers, "The persuasive sales tactics to find players and keep them coming back."

Here's what Susan Murphy, Senior VP and General Manager of the Ramada Express in Laughlin, Nevada, Inc., had to say about it: "John is the master of the art of the sale. He knows how to persuade customers to spend their money at your property and his practical and knowledgeable advice make profits soar. If you're not lucky enough to have John as a Marketing Consultant, buy his books."

In his growing group of casino clients, John became famous for his "long copy" Direct Response ads that have become casino sales classics. Some of them ran more than a thousand words. Most writers say they're the hardest ads to write because you have just one shot to make the sale. In the business they call it, "Writing off the page." John also pioneered one-page letters that had the customers writing back to the casino executives who sent them to say "thank you."

Book Casino Marketing CASINO MARKETING

John's first hardcover business book, published by American Eagle Arts & Letters in 1994, drew this recommendation from Paul Dworin, publisher of International Gaming & Wagering Business, long rated No.1 among casino magazines: "Over the years, Romero's column has been the most popular, widely-read feature in IGWB. Every month he offers a down to earth approach to the most common issues faced by casino marketing executives, and, in his "take no prisoners" style, skewers them for their mistakes. Romero's columns are informative, provocative and funny. Simply put, he's the best."

John's theme never varied. He wanted Direct Marketing to replace mass marketing in the casino business. And with the computer coming fast he used relentless logic in his columns to show how huge databases would soon allow casinos to hit their targets with one shot.

For Casino Marketing he chose his favorite 85 columns from IGWB Magazine. They covered every facet of Direct Marketing from advertising, direct mail and casino floor promotions to research, public relations and collateral. Along the way he shattered advertising myths, revealed the key secrets of Direct Marketing. poked fun at management and unmasked the art of persuasion. Once begun, the shift from mass marketing to one-on-one selling through the mail became a landslide.